Who is Eric Bowers?


The critics say:

Whether voicing a 300-pound Italian bird from the east coast, an upset tissue salesman from down south, or simply your trusted friend or neighbor, Eric's style is most certainly versatile. As a musical baritone with experienced ears, great vocal range and a flare for the animated, Eric Bowers' voice is reliable, strong and ready to engage the listener.

Eric Bowers, renowned self-critic, yet biggest fan (2015)

Eric has been performing and mimicking voices since about the age of 10, when he remembers doing a horrible Captain Kirk impression.

Sadly, he's not even a Star Trek fan.

But things did improve with time, and he went on to do voiceover and sketch writing for the now-defunct The Charm Pit podcast.


Eric is responsive, friendly, and records all work in his home studio with the following professional equipment:

  • Shure SM7B mic
  • AKG Perception P220 mic (with "P - pop" filters)
  • HEIL mic booms
  • Focusrite USB audio interface
  • MacBook Air 8GB RAM laptop
  • GarageBand audio recording software
  • Furman (M-8X2) power conditioners

For hire.

You can hire Eric by clicking here.