New York Times’ “Watching”.

I just came across a fantastic service from the New York Times.


Now, I may be late to the dance here, but so be it. I was browsing Twitter when all of a sudden I caught a screen shot of the queen of all 1980’s snark comedy shows, ”The Golden Girls”, a favorite of mine.

I clicked into this link, and was taken to NY Times’ “Watching” section, with which I was totally unfamiliar. You’ll note after clicking the link that you can then review the upcoming February releases that are going to be on Hulu, Netflix, etc and after each shows you will find the link that says “Add it to your Watchlist”.

Clicking in this will require you to sign in to if you have not already, and will allow you to add the show to a central “watch it later”-type repository. This is useful service #1 from this page.

Useful service #2 is that when you are at the Watchlist main page, you can then click on the category bubbles at the top of the page as seen above. This is a really nice service for finding something to watch in said category!

Now, when you and your significant other want to check out something, you may not need to crawl around the expansive menus or Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime to find a movie or show to binge on.


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