OmniFocus 3 for iOS is out now

If you are looking for a wonderful, easier-than-ever to use task manager, then look no further than OmniFocus 3!

Some of the highlights of the new release include :

  • Tags : you can still use GTD-style tagging to represent contexts, or set your own tags up to organize tasks by filters like difficulty level, people needed to complete the task, or even geographical locations.
  • Batch editing : edit due dates, tags, and other data for multiple tasks all at once.
  • Flexible inspectors : one of my favorites in this release. You can edit what information is displayed on a regular basis when opening the task editor. Don’t use due dates for your tasks? You can actually remove that field from what populates when you add a task. Of course, if you want to add back any important fields to the task inspector, you can toggle the new “Show more/Show less” button (pictured). This new setting helps keep the app visually uncluttered.


Flexible inspectors exist in the new OmniFocus 3 for iOS
Flexible inspectors exist in the new OmniFocus 3 for iOS


  • Revised Forecast view : shows your tasks and calendar events in chronological order, so you can see what your day realistically looks like.
  • Enhanced repeating tasks : these are great if you have items that, say, are due only the second Tuesday of every month, for example. The flexibility to change due and deferred dates to represent real-life usage is a game-changer.

OmniFocus is a valuable organizational tool, and you can grab a copy of the new iOS version here. The Mac version will arrive later this year.

I will be doing a write-up of how to use OmniFocus once the Mac version arrives.

Let me know if you gave any comments or questions, below!

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