“Perfect”, the enemy.

It’s been almost two and a half years since I have written on this blog.

If you have read anything I have ever written on this site, you may notice that it got a fresh coat of (white) paint, too!

I also wanted a fresh take on writing whenever and whatever I want to. I used to think that I might have an interest in being the next great tech blogger. How idiotic. I have none of the insight that, say, a Jason Snell has, nor the know-how or YouTube prowess of a Rene Ritchie.

It’s ok, too. I am just writing in my own little corner of the web – as an entrepreneur, voice actor, and future novelist (I’m halfway finished with my first) who just loves to use Apple’s tech to help me get my work done. I’ll be updating this blog with choice efforts on tech, health, being a devoted husband, or simply dog-dad life…whatever – since that is what I am interested in and who I love to be.

Writing from the heart takes some guts, because you know people will judge you, and that’s OK. That’s for them to decided that they don’t love your style and for you to shrug it off. I’m not the most enlightened, nor the most prolific, and I don’t really care to be the loudest voice in the room, either.

But I made blogging easier for myself recently. I hooked up iA Writer, my writing app of choice, to a new WordPress-designed back end. Since I am able to write anywhere, on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS (hell, I even have a Tot-enabling shortcut on the Apple Watch that will take a voice note that I can later get into iA Writer), I will be doing more of just that. Then, I can publish directly to my redesigned site that you are reading this on with ease. Within two minutes this is blasted out to Twitterrific and I am on my way.

More than anything, this site is for me to watch my writing grow, in whatever shape it will take. If you get anything out of it, bless you. I’ll try to share tips and tricks as I come across them, and so far I am not holding myself to a writing schedule.

I run a business for most of the waking hours of my life, and that will have to take precedence, but the passion of writing with reckless abandon is back – and that’s where the joy is.