The Underwhelming iPad Kerfuffle

Today’s iPad announcement was a head-scratcher.

The “base model” iPad got a cool new Magic Keyboard Folio that allows the iPad to be propped up at a comfortable angle for long-form typing. The same iPad also received the camera orientation along the long edge (“Landscape Mode”). Not even the new iPad Pros got that!

That is what is rather confusing about Apple’s iPad lineup this year. Except for a cool new trick with the Apple Pencil called “Apple Pencil Hover”, as well as a new video recording setting, there wasn’t much of a compelling reason to upgrade from say, a 2021 12.9” iPad Pro to this 2022 version. Well, there’s the M2 over the M1 processor – but do you really notice it on an iPad?

I am glad that I “side-graded” from the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” to the 5th generation iPad Air with the M1 chip. The portability, the Magic Keyboard, and the fast processor are indeed a delight. This is my iPad. I even got in my favorite color, blue.

But what about the next time I upgrade? I can’t tell you at this moment whether it would be worth it to go to a Pro, or the new base model iPad (which, incidentally, rose in price by over $100 with this new feature set).

My short take: Apple has the Mac lineup figured out…but I feel that they don’t know how to properly market the iPad anymore.