WWDC Favorites

Post-WWDC: These are the things that I am excited about.

This looks like a long list of features, but is not nearly complete. These are the new or enhanced features that most caught my attention at yesterday’s Apple WWDC 2022 Keynote

  • The Lock Screen on iOS and Live Activities. I’m thinking shout how a Mets game will be updated in real time. So cool!
  • Messages: undo and unread
  • The Freeform app
  • Reminders templates
  • Mail! Mail gets all of my wished-for features in one update, including Undo, and Scheduled mail.
  • Dictation enhancements
  • Spotlight on Mac. This looks like it might mirror its iOS and iPadOS counterparts now.
  • Stage Manager. This is a game-changer, especially on iPad.
  • Continuity Camera. The ability to use my iPhone as my webcam is genius.
  • Contacts app gets group creation and the ability to merge contacts. FINALLY.
  • watchOS Metropolitan watch face and a redesigned Calendar app.

These will ratchet up the productivity and joy for the coming year for sure. That Keynote was packed with much more, but these items made me say, “Oh, nice!”, when I saw them.