WWDC wishes

Here are the things that I hope we might see at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference tomorrow.


  • App split screen
    I work in Mail a lot, and it would be great to be able to move multiple files from Mail to Files app or an email to OmniFocus without having to invoke the app-switching gesture. While convenient, I feel that a true split screen on the iPhone (top half/bottom half?) would provide a better workflow.
  • Redesigned Notifications and Widgets
    Having to tap the iPhone, then swipe from left to right to see what’s next in Fantastical or OmniFocus or what I can select from Overcast is sort of a pain. I would much prefer a “tap and see” approach, even if for a limited (2?) number of widgets.


  • This is wishful thinking, but a swipe up from the bottom to show my favorite apps would be stellar. At least having a choice of showing favorites there, rather than the side button might be nice. The side button can then be used for a delegated app, action.


  • Like most, a (third) stab at redefining what it means to multitask would be refreshing. I don’t want my iPad to become a Mac, but how about quickly allowing for multitasking without having to put the second app in the background first?


  • The enter “swipe from the right” Notification Center/Widget housing is useless as it is. Just make that for notifications, which leads me to…
  • ..Widgets on the Home Screen/Desktop/whatever they want to call it. The desktop’s a fertile ground. Literally, the concept of Launchpad, if moved to the desktop would be awesome. I can always use Spotlight to find apps or folders, so why require that they still live on the desktop?

Suffice it to say, I am more excited about this post-(ish) Covid WWDC than I was previous events. With each passing year Apple keeps getting so much right that I would love to see the ecosystem between macOS and iPadOS get closer and closer to being a complete circuitous one, using the larger screens to house a similar experience on each device, and the familiarity of the iPhone’s size to gain some newfound abilities.